IQity Solutions Serves Up Higher Profits for U.S. Food Processor in Midst of Recession

Company experiences highest EBITDA in 15 years and sets course for profitable future!

A value added meat processor achieves a 659% improvement in Net Income compared to the last five year average driven by a $1,800,000 annualized rate of return as illustrated in Exhibit A below.

Food Processor

Early in 2009, a multi-generation food company recognized the need for assistance in building upon and continuing the family legacy of successful operations and customer service. In the face of the economic recession and a changing customer base, the Company recognized that their internal resources were challenged to accomplish everything that was needed to sustain their history of marketplace vibrancy and continued profitability.

After interviewing a series of candidates, the company selected IQity Solutions, LLC, which is a Pittsburgh-based performance optimization company, to assist in its transformation. Recognizing that IQity brought extensive food industry experience, technical capability, and a demonstrated history of delivering results, the Company requested that IQity evaluate their Enterprise and develop a transformation strategy.

Consequently, IQity initiated an analysis and design phase in early 2009. The results of the analysis were eye-opening relative to the Company’s performance compared to industry benchmarks and their internal capabilities. Management realized that they needed IQity’s unique blend of technology and optimization services to implement these insights. Jointly, the Company and IQity crafted a phased implementation approach to drive improvements while simultaneously streamlining the organization structure, training new leaders, and implementing an Adaptive Performance Optimization management process.

Over the next five months, the two partners worked to improve processes by utilizing a Lean Six Sigma-centric approach. IQity brought visibility to the operation while fundamentally changing the lens of performance optimization to perpetuate and sustain the business results. As a result, both throughput and yield improved while the overall unit cost was reduced.

In addition, IQity worked closely with the customer service team to develop a customized adaptive production scheduling and resource planning solution to improve order fill-rates and asset utilization over 15%, while reducing inventory and working capital costs.

The success of the IQity engagement contributed to the Company’s best consecutive period of EBITDA over a 15 year horizon. The CEO noted a new atmosphere and attitude that well positioned the Company for continued ongoing growth and profitability.
The graph below the last three years of that horizon:

In order to protect and lock-in their gains, the company has selected IQity’s IQ-Flex™ post engagement support to provide a flexible, high-quality and lower cost alternative to respond to specific business challenges and support their Value Impact Programs (VIP) on-demand. IQity Solutions is committed to being a “New Breed of Business Partner.”

About IQity Solutions, LLC.

IQity Solutions, LLC is a Pittsburgh, PA-based premier cloud computing and performance optimization firm. IQity Solutions is pioneering the future of Adaptive Performance Optimization (APO) solutions today for businesses worldwide.

Designed by certified Lean Six Sigma practitioners, IQity built a first-to-market, cloud computing business solution known as IQ-Fusion™ delivered via a intuitive web browser. IQ- Fusion™ goes beyond business intelligence by powering “Collective Intelligence” which synthesizes thousands of disparate data points simultaneously from ERP to the execution and control layers of the enterprise, in real-time, utilizing the concept of Operations Research. IQity Solutions delivers business solutions that calculate the enterprise financial Opportunity Value Gap (OVG) in real-time and provide drill-down capability to easily identify value drivers for hyper-managing performance at the point-of-execution. All this and more is delivered with a total cost of ownership (TCO) up to 80% less than traditional license-based software.

Another IQity Solutions’ innovative industry first is IQ-InSight™, an active remote monitoring and collaboration Service that has been called the On-Star® for Business.

IQity combines their heritage of 26 years of business acumen to provide flexible business services on-demand and have a passion for aligning next generation technology with their comprehensive suite of business analytics and optimization services to uncover the value that others have missed.

IQity Solutions, LLC.
3000 Stonewood Drive, Suite 120, Wexford, PA 15090
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