How To Use Whatsapp For Your Business

With more than 500 million active users a day, WhatsApp has become one of those applications that you will find on any phone even if it is not installed by default. And while its main use was to initiate conversation between people, it was not surprising that sooner or later companies and brands saw WhatsApp useful as a direct channel with the client.

How To Use Whatsapp For Business

When Facebook, owner of WhatsApp saw all the possibilities offered by a tool installed on millions of smartphones, it didn’t take long to launch WhatsApp Business, a version of its instant messaging app focused on “companies can easily interact with their customers using tools that allow them to automate, sort and respond to messages quickly ”, as explained in its official website.

The tool was launched in 2017 and is currently being used by all kinds of companies that require a direct way to interact with customers and users. Let’s review the most outstanding features of WhatsApp Business. Is it worth taking the leap to the Business version of WhatsApp?
Previous requirements
Before starting to list the benefits of WhatsApp Business, it should be noted that you do not have to make excessive bureaucratic efforts to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business. We simply need a phone number, which in the case of Business can be both mobile and landline.

Otherwise, the registration process is simple. We download the application for Android or iPhone, we accept the usual permissions, we indicate our telephone associated with our business, company or brand, we provide the code that we will receive and we fill in the profile data.

The second particularity of WhatsApp Business is that it allows you to enter more profile data than in a normal user profile and that we can fill in at any time from Settings> Company settings> Profile. Physical address of the headquarters, business category, description, logo photograph, business hours and / or customer service, contact email, official web address …


How many messages have you sent and received? How many have reached their destination and / or have been read? This statistical information, which you can obtain manually if you watch each conversation, in WhatsApp Business, you will obtain it automatically.

You will find that data within WhatsApp Business if you go to Settings> Company settings> Statistics, a practical way to know if your customer service and / or communication strategy is satisfactory.

Quickly answers

Automation is one of the assets of WhatsApp Business since it is not the same to talk with your friends, family or co-workers than do it with dozens of clients. In this sense, task automation allows us to optimize the time we spend on repetitive actions.

An example is the quick responses, or what is the same, predefined messages that we can retrieve in seconds to give a usual response without having to write it by hand a hundred times a day.

From Settings> Company settings> Quick answers, we can create the answers we want. Simply click on Add, write the text of the response (it also allows you to include emojis, images, videos, links or audios), and finally, we configure a shortcut, an alphanumeric combination to retrieve the quick response.

To use the quick response, enter the / in the message box and see the configured quick responses above. Click on the one we want and we can send it in the conversation.

WhatsApp Business allows you to create up to 50 quick responses of a maximum of 25 characters per shortcut.

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