What is IQFusion?


Business Process/Operational Intelligence delivered as a service

IQ-Fusion™ is a real-time operational Intelligence performance management solution for any business process or workflow. The concept of Operation Research takes the art of business management and applies science to optimize performance. Cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS) or Hosted solutions are the future of advanced Business Process and Performance Management Solutions. With over 25 years of Business Industry experience, IQity Solutions is pioneering and leading this trend.

For in-depth information about IQ-FusionTM please download IQ-Fusion Data Sheet or request additional details via our contact form.

Maximize ROI

Maximize your existing investments in plant, equipment, technology and human capital. Harvest performance data at the point of execution in pursuit of increased profitability, business process optimization (BPO) and most importantly, greater business value.

Opportunity Value Gap Dollarized

Real time dollarization of process variation provides a complete picture of current state business performance and links financial measures to improvement initiatives to close the gap between expectations and execution .

Intuitive and Simple to Use

Accelerate the time to value using browser based user interfaces. Intuitive use and drill-path functionality virtually eliminates learning curves and allows you to spend more time analyzing, managing and predicting.

Low Cost

Make traditional IT investments, expenses and vendor lock-in a thing of the past! IQ-Fusion’s Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) is 80% less than traditional software and upgrades are automatic. Since it is delivered over the web as a service, there is no hardware to buy, no license cost or the high cost of systems administration.